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“Great Insight, truly inspiring!”​

- Francesca King, Lawyer, Milano, Italy

“Thanks again, Pauline, for everything that you are doing to make the law a profession we can all be proud of.” 

- Kirsten Hytopoulos, Lawyer, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“Integrative Law is an important next step in the work of ‘humanitarian’ lawyers who have decided alternative dispute resolution is a better alternative to litigation. Litigators can benefit from learning these concepts for their own growth and insight into what clients experience in the divorce process.”

- Wendy Morgan, Lawyer, Santa Cruz, California

"I have studied with Pauline for at least 15 years. Her topics, methods and perspectives continue to evolve with the times. Her trainings in Collaborative Practice are better and more helpful than ever."

- Neil E. Kozak, Lawyer, White Plains, New York

“ILI is putting humanity back into areas of law that are fundamentally based on human relationships. The time is right for this groundbreaking work and Pauline Tesler is a phenomenal leader, teacher and voice for this much-needed movement!”

- Ann Shulman, Philanthropy Consultant, Berkeley, California

“I am consistently inspired by the way your work is constantly and creatively evolving. Your genius at identifying end incorporating new perspectives, new languages, and new points of entry to the work - and your synthetic capacity - it keeps the work new, exciting and fresh for me and for so many members of our multidisciplinary community. I don't claim to have your talent in that area, but I will say that you have been one of my most important teachers right from the beginning of my work in the area of separation divorce, and particularly in the area of multidisciplinary teamwork. My background is in psychoanalytic theory, but I don1 think I would've had the confidence to apply what I know from that area in this field had it not been for you.”

- Kate Scharff, LCSW-C, LICSW, Washington, D.C.

“Great tools for a supportive and whole-person approach to addressing conflict in couples and families. Thought provoking content that will help practitioners recognize what goes on in the minds of our clients and ourselves, with broad applicability to both professional and personal life.”

- Beth Appelsmith, Lawyer, Sacramento, California

“Pauline is an inspiration in her pioneering of the idea of lawyer as conflict resolver and healer.”

- Sarah Hichtman, Lawyer, Westchester, New York

“Pauline is a wealth of knowledge and information coupled with passion. Although I have attended multiple trainings with her, I could hear her and learn from her again and again. I enjoyed two days at the IACP Institute with her. And I would sign up again to stretch my views and skills further.”

- Leslie Bottimore, Lawyer, Tacoma, Washington

“Truly inspiring from a multitude of perspectives. . . . Brilliant! Thank you.”

Sheila Krystal, Ph.D., Berkeley, California

“An informative and exciting course that every family law, litigator, and judicial officer should take to begin a profound shift in the way to think about our professional responsibilities to the families we serve.” 

- Pascha Stevens, Lawyer, Santa Cruz, California

“Pauline is absolutely brilliant. She brings her depth of knowledge and experience to every piece of the training, and combines this with a deep humanity towards conflict resolution. Outstanding!” 

- Mary Ellen Linnehan, Lawyer, Mt. Kisko, New York

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