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The integrative Law Institute Online Academy

Founded in June, 2020 to provide unique, cutting edge educational programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ILI Online Academy has grown into a major program of the Integrative Law Institute.  It offers webinars as well as livestream and on-demand video and audio events that help collaborative and integrative lawyers and their colleagues become highly effective conflict resolution professionals.


ILI's Online Academy core programs translate cutting edge discoveries relevant to the human experience of relational conflicts into practical concepts that can be used effectively by lawyers and other conflict resolution professionals in their work with clients who are experiencing relational conflicts beyond their own capacities to resolve.  In addition, the Online Academy offers interviews and conversations with thought leaders in the collaborative and integrative law communities that address how to bring our work into broader public awareness.


Seminars, Workshops & Trainings

The in-person seminars, workshops, and trainings offered for more than two decades by ILI's director and her colleagues are among the most innovative in the field of legal conflict resolution.  Participants' enthusiasm and praise for these programs can be seen in their testimonials. ILI's programs have sparked transformative change in how lawyers approach  relational conflict resolution in more than a dozen countries around the world.  

A current calendar of in-person events (suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic) will be available when such gatherings are again possible.  

Contact ILI for a list of the many workshops, seminars, and trainings from which groups interested in bringing events to their own communities can select. Programs are available in half-day, full day, and multi-day formats, and many can be adapted for keynote presentations.


Customized private trainings, consultations, coaching/mentoring,  and ongoing study groups can be designed for individuals, law firms and practice groups of any size.



Subscribe to ILI's blog for short reports on new developments relevant to conflict resolution work, and check in at  this section of this site for a regularly updated blog roll and full-texts of selected journal articles.

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Explore written works by the founder of the Integrative Law Institute, Pauline Tesler. 

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Listen to the following podcast interviews featuring Pauline Tesler:

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